Having a fair IPA on the deck at the Dodging Duck yesterday, filtered sunshine, a typical pub pint glass, a fine day for a beer outside. But not all is well in Boerne. The beer started out nicely then,  as I got deeper into the pint, I began to notice a rubbery note that progressively worse. Skunking.

Having a beer from a can or brown bottle circumvents this problem because no light can get to the beer.  Miller has even gone so far as to use hop extracts so they can serve their frigid brews from a clear bottle on sunny days without destroying its flavor.  But we beer geeks like our glasses, even pub pints, particularly for aromatic beers like American IPAs. The glass gives us access to those aromas, the bottle or can does not.  Unfortunately,  when enjoying said glass of beer outdoors, we run the risk of skunky nastiness late in the pint, by some accounts in as little as fifteen minutes.

Moral of the story,  drink quickly,  stay in the shade or stick to those bottles and cans. The good news is that many craft brewers are now putting good beer in cans so all is not lost when you want a good brew outdoors.

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