The Dodging Duck, Boerne, TX


We wanted to tour Real Ale Brewing in Blanco but they are only open on Friday so we settled on the Dodging Duck. I would love to talk about our talks with the brewer, I particularly wanted to know how they deal with the hard water here but no such luck. The brewer was not on premises.  The beers told the story, though.


The Duck runs four taps at a time.  Today’s menu, above, was a hefeweizen, an Irish red ale, an IPA and a tangerine porter.  The Hefe was somewhat thin, slight clove and banana with some harsh graininess. I’m guessing the hard, carbonate rich water of the Texas Hill Country isn’t made for light beers.  The Red supports this, a good, solid beer with no obvious flaws.  The IPA was solid, not too bitter and balanced with generous sweetness but lacking “American” hop nose.  I kept the guide to my flight to remind me of the tangerine porter, something I want to try at home.  Tangerine, anise and Belgian yeast, I suspect it was a Wit, made for a nice, different beer.  It’s in the rotation.

Service was small-town Southern,  meaning don’t get in a hurry.  We had soups and salads,  all good.  The Duck is a good place to go.  The beers were acceptable to my spoiled Colorado palate, if not perfect.  I loved the view of Cibolo Creek and the staff were friendly.  Worth a stop if you’re in Boerne but I wouldn’t go out of my way to get there.

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