Necessity and Glass Selection


Yes, that’s a Tervis cup you see beside that No Label Brewing Co. Hefeweizen.  When on the road,  use what’s at hand and drink local brews.

Now to the beer.  It’s an American-style Hefe, clear and pale amber, relatively low carbonation,  transient white head, perhaps due to some residual soap in the cup.  Nose is sulfury, no hops, malt overpowered by the matchstick sulfur aroma.  Once past the aroma, the beer is tart and dry, no trace of either clove or banana.  The malt is biscuity, no hop flavor but nicely bitter.  The sulfur note carries through pleasantly and there’s a bit of fruit,  perhaps tart apple.  Finish is dry and bitter.  Moderate body….  I like the beer.  It’s not a typical Hefeweizen but it works.

On a future visit to Texas I hope to visit the brewery.  Maybe then I can ask the brewer his intent.  Until then, I’ll just enjoy the beer, regardless of the cup. And wonder why anyone would use a Koelsch yeast to ferment a Weizen. But it works, it works. And it improves as it warms.

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