Finally, The Good Stuff

After this….




A homebrew.  This is Applied Zymurgy Schwarzbier.  Nose is coffee and biscuits.  The first thing about the flavor is a mistake.  I was brewing this beer and the much hoppier Pre-Prohibition Pilsner on successive days and screwed up the hop bills.  I’ll keep the error.   Beer is on the edge of bitter,  no perceptible hop flavor, coffee and malt carry through.  It is rather light bodied with a bitter finish.  It is tart and dry….

Schwarzbier is why I brew. My wife and I were visiting her cousin in Bavaria and,  as we were leaving town, served us a traditional second breakfast, wurst, pretzel and beer.  The beer was a Kloster Weltenberger Barock Dunkel.  As we were driving away, she asked me if I could brew that beer.  I said I didn’t know, having never brewed.   I got the starter kit for my birthday.

We approach brewing in different ways for different reasons.  A beer in Bavaria got me started.   This expression of “creative geekery” actually surpasses the original to my taste.  That’s success to me.

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