Fellowship of Brewers

Got this in the carboy today….


It’s a Belgian blonde ale.  So far so good, once fermentation is going well, I’ll add the homemade Candi Syrup – more to come on that.

Yesterday I visited the Copper Kettle Brewing Co.  Yummy beers!  But the thing that struck me was the willingness of their employees and brewers to talk about the beers, even giving enough technical detail I could reproduce the beers if I wanted.  That is what draws me to this hobby, the fraternity of brewers.  I’ve seen it in every level from craft brewers to brewers for Coors.  The Dry Dock, my “home” microbrewery, will share recipes with brewers already converted to five gallon batches.  I met a Coors brewer at a friend’s house and asked about Batch 19 and got the hop bill.  And the grain bill.  We share freely, advice, recipes, processes, critique.  Being a member of this fraternity is a pleasure to me and I’m constantly gratified by all the help and advice given freely with one aim:  Making better beer.

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