Making Candi Syrup

Making Candi syrup is stupid-simple.  The syrup is caramelized sugars in water, caramel is made by heating sugars.  Here’s how:

In a heavy saucepan, mix 16 ounces of white corn syrup, make sure it doesn’t have vanilla in it, and 9 grams of Baker’s Ammonia (ammonium carbonate) or diammonium phosphate yeast nutrient.  Start heating over medium heat, stirring frequently.  The syrup mixture will start to darken slowly.  Test color by dropping the syrup onto aluminum foil.  Once the syrup is as dark as you’d like, turn off the heat, let the mixture cool slightly and add water to bring the mixture back to 16 ounces.  If you need 2 pounds of syrup, simply double the recipe.

Hat tip to Randy Mosher for this easy process.

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