Bottled the kit brew I did a couple weeks ago tonight.  I got to use the new corker/capper, works quite nicely once you get used to it….


My bottling setup is pretty primitive but it works.  I mix up and boil the priming sugar, sanitize my bottles during that process, rack the beer to a bucket with a valve and mix.  I use a regular plastic bottling attachment, fill the bottles one by one, put caps on them as I fill them then, once everything is filled, crimp the caps.  I label with painter’s tape and place in a room temperature spot (the landing of our basement stairs) to condition.  I love bottle-conditioning my beers.  You lose a bit to yeast but the advantages of live yeast in the bottle are pretty overwhelming.  They scavenge any spare oxygen, extending shelf life.  They continue to work on the beer, improving the flavor over time.  And in case of a zombie apocalypse, I have yeast samples to restart the ancient and honorable art of brewing!

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