Brew Day – Sun Streak American Blonde Ale

This is Sun Streak American Blonde Ale shortly before the first hop charge….


And she is a beauty!  She’s won me two medals at the Colorado State Fair.  On the brew day, I hit 149.5 degrees at mash-in, a quart and a half of boiling water brought it up to my target of 153 degrees.  My mash pH was 5.3.  The mash yielded 7.75 gallons of wort at SG 1.042 on my refractometer, once boiled down to 5.5 gallons that will convert to 1.059, 3 points higher than predicted.

In the end she wound up dead on at 1.056.  Pitched at 68 degrees, fermentation started at 65, we’re now on our way up to 68 degrees to complete primary.  Racking should be Sunday, right about the time I’m brewing my next batch of Schwarzbier.

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