New Brewery – Two22 Brewing

Tried a new brewery here in Aurora – address is actually Centennial – Two22 Brewing.  Try to Google that.  Okay, it’s a nice venue, home to a seven-barrel stainless steel rig operated by Page.  Page has made the smart decision to concentrate on the beer and bring in food trucks.  I tried a five-brew sampler set.  Page apparently isn’t too bound by style, her APA included enough roasted malt that it was really no longer an American Pale Ale, still it was a good beer.  The two best were the Wheat and the Brown.  She did interesting things with the wheat, essentially making a Wit with a German Hefeweizen yeast, although I couldn’t pick up any orange except from the malts.  Coriander was very subdued, a plus.  I summed up the blonde by calling it a Smithwick’s.  Maybe a Newcastle sans skunking.  Still it’s a good brown.  The blonde was thin and relatively flavorless, the IPA a hop-forward bitter brew with little malt backbone and I’ve already mentioned the flaws of the APA.  Still, a good little brewery, worth looking up for a pint.  Just be sure to Google two22.

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