Candi Syrup Lesson

Lesson learned:  Making candi syrup from corn syrup is not a good idea.  I checked and there’s vanilla in it.  Trying an experiment tonight using the following recipe:

– 1 pound sugar
– 3 cups water
– 1 tsp Cream of Tartar

The initial syrup in this recipe is too thin.  Next time I’ll try two pounds of sugar in three cups of water, same amount of cream of tartar.  This is an experiment.

Makes some great flavors but I get some char. Looks like I need to keep the temp below 300 degrees while cooking. This worked and the burnt flavors are nice but I want more caramel, less char. It took a while to boil off the extra water in the syrup, then caramelization started pretty quickly. Next try, keep temps down and start with more sugar, maybe a pound and a half.

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