First, to candi syrup.  I tried one more test, this time adding some nitrogen to help Maillard reactions.  Much fruiter result.  Both work so choose methods based on the result you want.

Planning my next beer, this time I’ll do my “90 degree” Saison.  It’s called that because I raise fermentation temps to near or above 90 degrees.  Last brew I got apparent attenuation of over 90% so this time I’m brewing a lighter beer – still weighing in over 8% – but quite a bit lighter than the 10.5% the last brew.  So I’ve brewed this before and have a plan, right, so why the planning?

Every brew I tend to review the style.  I also review examples – for this brew I started with the idea of Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale.  Their site told me a lot about the beer, that it contains corn, for example.  The rest is study.  There are reputable sites and then there are blogs (present company excepted, of course!).  That’s how I got the idea of fermenting this stuff in my garage in summer.  Research into the style advises changes, as do style guidelines.  10.5% was too high for the style and the pepper-phenolics got way too strong.  Walking it back, I’ll do a more “stylistic” beer – the styles evolved for a reason, you know.  And do my research so I can produce a good Saison.

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