Lagerthon Followup

Following up to last weekend’s Lagerthon, I think the hail on Sunday took out the pumpkins I was going to use for this fall’s pumpkin ESB.  The pumpkins in question are an Italian gourd, sliced, roasted and sold as street food in Genoa.  We’ve reseeded them but with our short growing season here, it’s iffy.

Lagers are still perking away in the fridge.  Some time this week I should be able to put them into diacetyl rest.  For non-brewers, lagers pitched above their fermentation temps may make a precursor to a chemical called diacetyl.  To know what it tastes like, eat some butter-flavored popcorn, not something you want in a German-style lager.  To get rid of it, you allow the beer to warm for two or three days.  The yeast become more active and digest the diacetyl precursor and any diacetyl itself, leaving you a clean lager.

And I downloaded the forms to enter the Arapahoe County Fair Homebrew Competition.  I’ll enter somewhere between two and four beers.  Wish me luck!  Unfortunately these lagers won’t be ready for that competition.  And my beer, Koelleweizen, will be tapped this weekend up in Dillon, CO at the Dillon Dam Brewery.  Cheers!

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