Contest Entries

I hate filling in contest entry forms, mostly the writer’s cramp they cause.  Anyway, four entries into the Arapahoe County Fair completed this evening.  They’re my German flight, a Schwarzbier, a Maerzen, a Koelsch an a Hefeweizen.  All are excellent beers.  Here’s what they have in common:

– In each case, I controlled the Residual Alkalinity of the water to the range indicated by style or color.
– In each case, I used a decoction mash.
– In each case, I had fairly precise control over fermentation temperatures.
– In each case, I used gelatin fining (Reinheitsgebot be damned) where applicable.

These are all middle-of-the-road, stylistically correct beers.  We’ll see how they do.

And yes, I’m slowly establishing my location in the Denver metro area.

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