Kolle Delayed, Gewurztraminer Ready!

Got an email from the head brewer at the Dillon Dam Brewery – the Kolle is not ready to drink.  There’s a carbonation issue that keeps it in the bright tank with a carbonation stone bubbling away until it’s ready.  That, friends, is the mark of a good brewery, one that will not serve a beer before it’s ready.  Mike, much respect, sir!

Meanwhile, in Nosy-Land, SWAMBO (She Who Must Always Be Obeyed) has produced her first wine, a Gewurztraminer (I’m using the French spelling of the varietal name advisedly).  It’s mostly dry, very flavorful and spicy.  It compares well to Trimbach’s excellent Alsatian Gewurztraminer in color, nose and flavor, which is what we were after as we made the wine.  The kit said wine in 28 days, screw that!  We let everything go a lot longer, when it came time to fine and add back the Sussreserve (the F-Pack), we measured and decided on the proper amount and we’re still letting it age.  But out of curiosity we opened a split tonight, delicious!  Pictures when available.

Finally, this eve we took a walk around the local open-air mall, gotta love this high steppe climate, and wound up in Old Chicago.  Naturally, beers!  I had a Berliner Weisse and a Belgian Blonde falsely labeled a Kolsch, SWAMBO a Back-Country Brown Ale.  I’m doing a Berliner soon – love the tartness.  This one, also from Back Country, had a touch of Bretanomyces flavor but was good.


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