Next Up – Wine!

Second batch of wine is bubbling away downstairs.  This time it’s a Sangiovese.  We made a conscious decision to make it stronger than the kit stated, targeting 14% ABV instead of the approx. 12.5% the kit produces.  No, we don’t want a Chianti, a regional variety made from mostly Sangiovese grapes, we want a dinner wine.

In the Beer department, lagers are slowly coming down to lager temps.  I’ve run into a slight problem:  I need to do another Oktoberfest before mid-September but may not have the refrigerator space to do it.  Thinking about the logistics now, if the Helles and Schwarz are done quickly, it’ll work, barely.  We’ll have to see.  Thinking backward, if I need the Oktoberfest in mid-September, it’ll need two weeks to condition, bringing us to early September.  Four weeks are required to lager, ten days in primary….  It’ll be close, very close.  I’ll have to brew mid-July.

Or get another fridge.  I don’t think SWAMBO was very keen on that idea….


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