Saison Underway

Sprint sucks.  That out of the way, my next brew is underway, a Saison brewed with maize in the grist.  I’ve done it before but got such a high attenuation the beer finished at 10.5% ABV.  I don’t think Wallonian farmers used a beer that strong when working their fields so it’s time to tone it down.  This one should finish out at about 7.5%.

Sprint’s latest sin?  My wife broke her phone a while back and Sprint replaced it for $75.  I broke mine a couple days ago and nothing to do but get a new one.  Neither phone was insured.  Not insuring the phone was my choice but please, Sprint, don’t treat the Customer two different ways.  If you can replace one for $75, you can replace two.

Sangiovese is bubbling away.  We put it in a water bath to keep fermentation temp down, a tip I’ll use with the beer after next.  In the past, when I wanted to ferment a bit cooler than basement temps I’ve used a “redneck swamp cooler,” a cable tub with the fermenter in a bit of water cooled by wrapping a towel around the fermenter to wick the water up, and a fan to cool the towel.  Works well, pictures to follow next time it’s employed.

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