Sauerkraut :-(

It’s not looking good for sauerkraut this year.  Another hailstorm has beaten the cabbage to a pulp and it’s nearly too late to plant any more for summer harvesting.  I’ll likely try a fall crop.

The Saison yeast starter is spinning away, happy yeast all around.  One practice I’m starting with this beer:  Write down your intent.  I want a sweet-peppery saison, dry but with some estery sweetness up front, some tartness.  The maize in the grist should provide the sweetness, the wheat should provide some head and the turbinado sugar some body.  Hops will be light, just enough to offset sweetness.  I’m looking for 85% attenuation so the beer will be stronger than the grain bill would suggest.  Warm fermentation, use of a helper yeast to finish the brew, should be dry, peppery, flavorful.

The lagers are finally lagering.  Did some calculations and if I brew my Oktoberfest on 21 July, it should be done in time for mid-September, an Oktoberfest-only competition and a friend’s Oktoberfest party.

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