Brew Day – Belgian Saison

Brew Day!  Today’s brew is the 90 Degree Saison, so named because of its fermentation temperature.  Rests 1 and 2 are over, I’ve recirculated a gallon of wort and am currently running the mash off into the kettle.


The wort is still a bit cloudy, pale, almost colorless – perfect for a Saison!  So far I’ve hit my rest temperatures closely enough, the first was a bit warm, the second a bit cool.  My sparge water is where it needs to be so all I’m doing now is waiting for the wort to run off.

Okay, we’re starting the boil now:


Boil time will be 90 minutes.  I use that as my default time after conversations with brewers.  They say the 90 minute boil makes a better beer through more kettle caramelization and more DMS driven off.  So what’s good enough for a GABF Small Brewery of the Year award winner is good enough for me!

So now we’ve finished the boil and we’re starting the chill.  I use a copper tubing immersion chiller.


Beer is now in its fermentation home, a cable tub with a heating blanket in it.  Pictures of this invention tomorrow.  Cheers!

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