Brew Day – Belgian Witbier

No pictures to share.  I brewed one of my favorite styles today, a Witbier.  I’m not attempting to redo a Blue Moon, but want something more subtle, less spice and more reliance on the bready contribution of unmalted wheat.

Meanwhile, Saison is still bubbling.  It was down to 1.021 this morning and at over 100 degrees.  I tasted it, no off flavors, Wyeast 3724 is amazing stuff!  Given its pedigree, I expect a stall soon, no hurry.  If I’m here – unexpected business trip came up last week – I’ll watch and eventually pitch my San Diego Super Yeast.  But since I’m gone starting next Saturday, I may just wait it out and see how far the 3724 will take it.

The Sangiovese got an additional dose of oak today.  Six weeks from now we can sample and see if we put enough in it.

And the cabbage – sauerkraut on the hoof – is recovering from our four hailstorms this spring.  By the way, the business trip is to Germany.  I may visit the brewpub in Darmstadt, a quick Google revealed none in Frankfurt, and will definitely see a winery or two.  And a fellow brewer and friend from Gdansk!  It could be worse….

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