Craft Beer in Frankfurt

Who’d have thought it.  Frankfurt is a craft brew wasteland.  I’ve googled every term I can think of meaning brewpub, craft beer, house brewery, family brewery….  I’ve come up with one, a place translated as “The Twelve Apostles” in Frankfurt and another in Darmstadt, a short drive from here.  Of course on the way to The Twelve Apostles I drive by the massive Henninger brewery and I do like me some fresh German pils.  May have to visit the Twelve soon.  Dona eis cerevisium….

Last night in fermentationally challenged drinking it was apple wine, Appelwoi in the local dialect.  It’s a hard dry cider, no “sussreserve” for this stuff!  I do love it though, it’s tart and refreshing and historically the local alcoholic beverage of choice.  Served with local fare, Frankfurt Green Sauce (Gruener Sosse), boiled eggs and potatoes, it’s a fine meal.  Of course, if you’re feeling carnivorous, try the green sauce with braised beef tips…  I’m still looking forward to that meal!  If you’re here in Hessen, look for smaller family-owned houses.  Both the food and the drink are better.

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