Twelve Apostles and More

Made it to the Twelve Apostles (Zwoelf Apostolen) this afternoon!  It’s a craft brewery in Ginnheim, a suburb of Frankfurt and one of the forsaken few in the Main Metropolis.  In typical German style, there are two beers available, a Pils and a Dunkel.  I had both.  It was worth the drive.

The Pils was served cloudy, Keller-style, pale and hoppy.  Hops dominated the flavor, I’m guessing Saaz but maybe Tettnanger.  The malt was pilsner, the suspended yeast gave the beer a nice bready-yeasty flavor offsetting the bitterness and spice of the hops.  The Dunkel was essentially the Pils with some roasted malts in the grist, cloudy but not as much so as the pils, great flavor, so much so that I may try to formulate a “Franken-dunkel” similar to this beer.  I did have food there, the German summer food craze, pfifferlinge.  I believe in English they’re called Chifferelles, a mushroom gathered in the hills above Frankfurt this time of year.  In a cream sauce over noodles, delicious!

The pub is buried deep in the heart of old Ginnheim and is hard to find.  But Google Maps will take you there.  You’ll find a charming old fachwerk (half-timbered) house with a modern German concrete construction built around it and painted to resemble half-timbering.  The biergarten is attractive and large with wooden tables and chairs, shaded by chestnut trees and grape vines over an arbor.  I didn’t get a chance to talk with the brewer and given German customs, I doubt I’d have been given a tour had I met him or her.  Bottom line, I wouldn’t cross the Atlantic for this brewery but if you’re already here, hey, stop in and have a Dunkel.

Yes, I’m eating and drinking my way around Frankfurt.  I would be much more successful if I didn’t have to work!

I’m currently redefining my definition of a Koelsch over one.  This one is fruiter than I’d like but hey, I can always put a bit more Vienna or more likely, Munich in mine, should I desire this effect.  The flavor of the Lion Koelch reminds me of peaches.  There’s bread or biscuit in the finish, low hops, both bttering and flavor.  It’s a good beer, one worth drinking again, if I could find it in Denver.

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