Bottling Day

Bottled my Munich Helles today.  Due to a combination of very good conversion and highly fermentable wort, I got a 6.7% beer out of it.  And it’s good.  Really good.  Can hardly wait for this one to carb up so I can drink one.  Or many.

Meanwhile, the other Lagerthon beer, the Schwarzbier, is nearly ready.  Basically I can bottle it any time I want.  It’s roasty and dark and dry, a very good black lager, if a bit too roasty for a classic Schwarz.  But then, the Koestritzer I had fresh in Germany last week was a little weak, lame.  I like mine.  It pushes the style to the point where it’s just about out of style but it’s a bit like my German:  Fluent, but with an American accent.

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