No time to brew and it doesn’t appear as if it will let up any time soon.  I’m working on an extract brew for our next Brew Club event, a ‘brew to style’.  I’m doing an American Brown.  My intent is to push the style both in malt and in hops and, due to the absolutely crazy schedule, do it extract style.  I’ll put the recipe together tonight and post it here for comment.

Meanwhile, I’ve taken my latest Schwarzbier out of the fridge to warm up to room temp.  I’ve found that when I bottle lagers cold, I get undercarbonated beers.  So this time I will let the beer warm up, driving off its dissolved carbon dioxide, then carbonate it using a priming sugar calculator.  The calculators available assume the carbon dioxide dissolved in the beer will be part of the end carbonation and it is, it’s just in solution and won’t escape once the pressure on the beer is released as long as the beer stays cold.  So I’ll carbonate it warm.  Later, when hopefully I have a chance to bottle it.


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