Brewing Update

I racked the “Short Cut Brown” tonight.  So far so good.  It’s down to 1.022, should reach 1.015.  It should be anything but a “boring” brown, likely very different from the Texas Brown Ale that originally defined the style.  I’m pushing the limits of style, going as big as possible in both malt and hops, trying for a beer that while drinkable in large amounts is also enjoyable.  In other words, typical American brewing:  Go big or go home.

Sunday I intend to do another big, bold beer with a session ABV, a Duesseldorfer Altbier.  Starter’s spinning away, everything else is on hand.  I’m going for a big malt flavor and lots of hops in typical Zum Uerige style.  Interestingly enough, I’ve never tasted the example I’m following so I’ll wait for a friend to return from Germany and let him tell me how well I matched the style.  I thought about doing a Kentucky Common but I have even less an idea how that should taste once finished – best definition I have is a dark cream ale with a lot of adjuncts in the mix.  There’s not even agreement as to whether the style, a partial inversion of a sour mash whiskey mash, was sour or not.  I tend to believe it wasn’t, although I’ve tried souring it in the past.  By the time Common was being brewed in northern Kentucky, metal vessels were common.  The style mostly died in Prohibition, it’s been revived by a few craft brewers and a few homebrewers.  So we won’t know how it tastes but at least we can make a beer that tastes good.


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