Catching Up

The Sauerkraut is done.  I packaged it last Wednesday. Mild and crisp, it’s very good sauerkraut.

The 3-Gal Ky Common is in the process of verifying a prediction I made on brew day.  It was a Brew in a Bag batch – I got a lot of grain particles in the boil due to the fine grind and the mesh on my grain bag.  Prediction from that is a persistent starch haze, which it certainly has.  Apart from that, it’s a good beer, the best of its kind I’ve brewed.  There’s a “sharp” note to it from the rye and from the incomplete fermentation.  The beer still has two points to go according to prediction but given my wild temperature swings I had during mashing, this may be it.  It’s going to be quite sessionable at about 5%.

Next weekend we’re off to Palisade, Colorado for apples and Riesling grape juice for wine.  The Speidel is cleaned and ready for it and I’m looking forward to some good wine from it.  My next brew will be a Berliner Weisse.  Wife wants it for a bread recipe that appeared in Zymurgy Magazine not long ago.  I’m needing to have or supply a beer disposal event.  My basement is full.

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