Edgewater Brewing, Grand Junction, CO

With a view like this, how can a brewery go wrong?


And yes, that’s a bat  caught in the foreground.  The background is Colorado’s Grand Mesa.  On our trip we drove over it, a glorious place.

Edgewater is Kannah Creek’s newest venture.  As mentioned the view is nice but the beers, well, they’re much better than you can get from a mass-market brewer.  I had the 8-beer sampler:


Two of their beers, the Amber and the Pale Ale, were GABF winners and they are solid beers.  The remainder….  Blonde was unremarkable.  Hefeweizen tasted like clove, IPA was harshly bitter, the Stout and the Brown were solid beers but unremarkable but then there was this melange of beer, peach, prickly pear, allspice and eucalyptus.  Tell me what caused a brewer to create that?  It tasted like washing a Halls down with an ESB.  Bad idea, guys!  But hey, it was worth a shot.

All in all, not a bad brewery.  I missed the Palisade Brewery this time, it was a short trip.  If you’re in downtown Grand Junction, Kannah is worth a shot but I’d skip Edgewater, unfortunately, because the view is fantastic.

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