The Berliner Weisse hasn’t started fermentation just yet.  Reading about the European Ale yeast from White Labs, it’s a notorious slow starter.  Nothing to worry about yet.  Meanwhile, I forgot to report on the Riesling!  Last weekend my wife and I went to Palisade and got six gallons of Riesling juice, pitched it with winemaker’s yeast Ba11 and it’s perking away in the fridge downstairs at 55 degrees.  We took a gravity sample today, about half the sugar is gone and the Federweisser – Mosel German for new wine – tastes wonderful!  If this wine keeps developing as it is, we’ll have a magnificent Mosel-style Riesling and I may have to drink wine for a while.

A bit more on the planned fermentation of the Weisse.  I pitched the lactobacillus brevis at about 100 degrees.  Now it’s in the wort and the wort is at 65 degrees.  The European Ale yeast is in as well and lagging considerably – it’s been 24 hours and I still don’t have noticeable fermentation, something very unusual for my beers.  But I generally pitch starters, not recommended for the dual fermentation regime I’m working.  So if I have nothing tomorrow evening I’ll start to worry but not yet. 

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