Dusseldorfer Altbier

I just realized I hadn’t written about a major brew day.  I did an Altbier a while back.  A while as in it’s packaged and ready to go.

Okay first impressions, I got the beer too dark.  3.3 ounces of Black Malt yielded a dark coppery red beer.  I was looking for old penny.  It has a persistent off-white head, is clear and bright.  Aroma is hop-forward, noble hop with a light, fruity note of malt esters.  I’d go with tropical fruit.  Maybe if I knew what a lychee smelled like….  This is a bitter beer with good fruits, almost apple or pear with just enough dark undertones to let you know you aren’t drinking a German lager.  Mouthfeel is moderately light.  I like this beer!  About the only flaw I can find is the color.  And I love the hops.  This is a bitter, flavorful beer.  It’s also very clean – I controlled the fermentation temperature very closely and the result was very pleasant.  No off flavors.

I’m happy with it.  I’ll take it to another beer geek colleague and see how close it is to the genuine Altbiers he was drinking a few weeks ago.  Best drinking temp is in the high 40’s or low 50’s.

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