Progress on Many Fronts

Updates on the last few brews:  The Kentucky Common and the Berliner Weisse have been bottled.  In fact, the Common is carbonated and quite nice.  The Berliner Weisse has three more weeks before first try.  The Common is a light, dry beer, as would be expected of a working-class beer from the Louisville area, with a bit of rye bite and some dark fruit esters, I get raisins and cherries.  On the wine front, our Riesling is absolutely killer.  It needs to clarify and age a couple of months but so far it ranks with the Mosel Rieslings I drank when I lived there.

This week will be a bit busier on the brewing front.  Wednesday is my deadline to get a pumpkin beer going for Thanksgiving so my plan is to take a half-day off work and brew it then.  The beer I’ve done before and am imagining this year is a dextrinous, sweet base using Maris Otter malt and ESB yeast, light hopping perhaps finished with some of the Palisade Crystal I still have, spiced with Savory Spice’s Pumkin Pie Spice, a touch of vanilla and a bit of sweetness, either from stevia or lactose.  Think of a suggestion of pumpkin pie in a glass with the graham cracker crust provided by the malt, the pumpkin flavor from the spices and vanilla for the whipped cream.  It worked last year.

And Saturday I’ll be working with the guys from Ruby Street Brewing, brewing my interpretation of a Kottbusser.  I have one more change to make, lightening the honey flavor in the beer to match some notes from Ron Pattinson, perhaps pushing it a bit farther than his references suggest but either way, the goal is a drinkable, light-bodied German wheaten ale, not a hefeweizen but something different, dry, drinkable and light bodied.  It’ll be a 10-gallon brew on one of their rigs.  Should be interesting and I’ll post pictures.


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