Pumpkin Ale Update

So my hurry-up Pumpkin ESB is shaping up.  It’s to be racked tonight.  The sample I have here in front of me is very nice, just a hint of pumpkin spice, bitter finish, likely because it’s very very green.  It’s a nice malt backbone with a hint of molasses from the brown sugar.  Diacetyl is minimal, just enough to add a bit of buttery interest to the beer.  I might have overdone the hops just a bit but I think the hint of sweetness I’ll add back will cut that substantially.  Mouthfeel is light due to sugars.  Hop flavor is minimal.

I think I’ll like this beer quite a bit once it’s done.  My plan is to rack, let sit at basement temps for a week, then bottle next week.  At bottling, I’ll add some sweetness in the form of stevia extract, some more spice in the form of a spice tincture and a bit of Madagascar vanilla extract.  Recipe for spice tincture follows:

2 Tsp (about 8 grams) pumpkin pie spice
2 ounces (about 100 ml) vodka

Mix and let stand at least a week at room temperature.  Either add to beer and mix in to taste or add using a measuring pipette to an ounce of beer and scale up.  By the way, the same procedure is used for the stevia and the vanilla.

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