Exiled in Kentucky

Just back from a five-day sojourn in the Bluegrass State.  It’s good to be back in Colorado.

For starters, my destination was a dry county not that long ago.  There are at least three kinds of beer available, just think Miller, Bud and Coors.  Having grown up there, I have some friends who appreciate a nice drop or three so I took three bombers of my homebrew along to share.  And then I got into a conversation with one of my cousins who tries to homebrew there….

And I realize how spoiled I am having The Brew Hut as my home homebrew store.  My cousin speaks of Evansville, IN’s premier  homebrew supply store:  Five grains, two hops and the complete line of Lallemand yeast to choose from.  They have brewed four batches and out of desperation, have even tried to malt their own grain.  I don’t know where they got their barley but they reported the goats wouldn’t even eat it.  Then they took the two and a half hour trek to Nashville to visit Rebel Brewer.  They arrived at 2:00 on a Tuesday afternoon to find the store closed.  No bueno.  I’ve told them when they want to brew to contact me, I’ll provide recipes, advice and where to go to get mail-order supplies, since it looks as if homebrewing in the Tristate Region isn’t about to take off any time soon.

Yes, it’s good to be back in Denver.  Tomorrow night is Homebrew Night at the Dry Dock and I intend to be there with some samples.  I’ve just finished a sample of my Kottbusser and find it yummy, much more drinkable than Grimm Brothers’ sweet rendition of the eastern German brew.  And I’m planning a brew day soon (as in this weekend) to use the 10 pounds of Avangard Pilsner malt I have in the basement.  Think beer experiment:  I’m splitting the batch and fermenting with different yeasts.


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