Wine and Food Tasting

Last night the Brew Hut sponsored a wine and food tasting.  This is our second year to attend.  This year the format changed from last year’s buffet to table service.  There were five wines, mostly blends, the Wine Expert Limited Editions for 2014.  There were three red blends, a Riesling and a white blend, all good.  We’ll make the red blend, the Super Tuscan, to be released in April.  The food came from local restaurants.  Some of the pairings were questionable – cheese pizza doesn’t go well with garlicky cheese pizza – but all the wines were very good and I did learn a local gyros stand is run by a former executive chef to the President of Lebanon.  I can hardly wait.

An update on beers and wines in process:  Kottbusser is ready to bottle and delicious, dry and fruity with noble hop flavor and nose.  Riesling is simply amazing.  The Riesling used for comparison last night, the ArsVinis series from Germany, isn’t as good.  The Avangard Pilsner is still in primary fermentation.  I’ll get lagering started by Sunday provided the fermentation looks complete – I’ll be out of town next week and can’t adjust the fridge.

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