Two brews bottled today, my Kottbusser and my SO’s Riesling.  The Kottbusser was brewed a few weeks ago on the Ruby Street Brewing prototype brew sculpture and the batch split.  I fermented mine cool, pseudo-lagered it and used liquid yeast.  The other half was fermented with dry yeast sprinkled on top of the aerated wort.  In a couple weeks I’ll compare with the other brewer’s beer to see how it came out.

The Riesling has been fermenting for a while.  We got the juice out on the Western Slope of Colorado, fermented cool and got a very fruity, tart wine, very nice according to guests who got a barrel taste a few nghts ago.  We got 24 bottles out of it, should be good!

Equipment this posting is thermometers.  I answered a post at Brewer’s Friend a few days ago about thermometers.  My recommendation is this one:


The thermometer isn’t waterproof, as I discovered when I dropped this one’s twin in my mash.  But once dried out, it worked fine!   Love its accuracy, +/- 0.5 degrees F.  It’s small probe makes for a fast read and it ships with a calibration record:


In both tets following calibration it tested 0.1 degree low.  I can live with that!  It’s inexpensive at around $30 and does the job well.  Recommended.

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