Glassware and Soap

Two nights in a row I’ve had beer ruined, well, that’s a bit dramatic so let’s say, damaged, by soap.  Okay, I’m in Georgia again where beer appears to be a four-letter word. No, not quite fair:  I’ve had some good beers here (got a great idea for a summer patio beer, a wheat ale with lemongrass and ginger) but then I’ve had some that can best be described as weird, the IPA last night that tasted like drinking a Christmas tree.  Likely an overdose of Simcoe or Chinook hops for dry hopping, perhaps some CTZ….  But the thing that gets me is the lack of head.

What are these guys washing their glasses with?  Three beers in three different glasses last night, one the night before, one tonight, each the head collapsed like a bouncy house in a power failure.  Aren’t they rinsing?  I’ve even taken to washing my beer glasses in the dishwasher now that SWAMBO (She Who Always Must Be Obeyed) has started using vinegar rather than rinse aids and no head collapse.  Oh, well, it’s a short exile.

Good beers:  I mentioned the Second Shelf Thai Wheat Ale, the one with lemongrass and ginger.  Basically an American wheat with the spices but nicely attenuated and subtly spiced.  I, not a fan of spiced beers, liked this one.  The other was a Jekyll Foreign Export Stout, not for the faint of heart at 8% ABV.  I’m guessing they hit that high percentage using sugars, perhaps a Turbinado or Palm Sugar, because the mouthfeel was thin for that high a percentage beer.  No compromise in flavor, hence my guess at an unrefined sugar – I’ve gotten similar flavors from palm sugar.  Were it not for the head collapse, these would be great.

And a shout-out to The Pig and the Pint in College Park, GA.  It’s a great place to explore local brews – they have several on tap and even more in bottles – and to have a bite of dinner.  Highly recommended if you’re here in southern Atlanta and do try the meat loaf.

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