Lemongrass and Ginger, Any Experience

Anyone out there had any experence with using lemongrass and ginger in a wheat ale?  I tasted Second Shelf Brewing’s Thai Wheat in Atlanta a few days ago and really, really want to make one for my summer lawnmower beer and have no idea on amounts or proportions of the spices to use.  The beer itself was not a ginger ale, it was still a beer with great beer flavors accented by the citronella/ginger flavors.  I did a test today using dried lemongrass (1g) and fresh grated ginger (4 g) in 150 ml boiling water for five minutes and got no lemongrass and lots of ginger – a bit of sugar and I had ginger ale.  Needless to say, not the effect I want.

Test brew, 1.5 gal BIAB, is Friday.  I’ll get there eventually but if anyone has any ideas, I’m happy to hear – please comment if you’ve had experience with brewing with lemongrass, ginger or both.  And my thanks!

Baltic Porter is nearly completed with its primary fermentation.  It’s gone from an OG of 1.096 to 1.032 since Wednesday (four days).  Predicted final gravity is 1.028 – I’m hoping for considerably less.  Tasting it today, it has some cleanup to do but it should be a very nice beer….  That beer has gone FAST but then it’s only a 1.5 gallon batch and I likely overpitched it severely – using an entire pouch of Wyeast California lager on it.

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