Lemongrass Ginger Wheat Bottled

Bottling a gallon batch is such a joy.  You only get 10 bottles, I use conditioning tabs to prime, no racking, just put the bottling wand on the siphon hose and go to it!

The Lemongrass Ginger Wheat needs more ginger and a bit more lemongrass.  I want the citronella flavor to be pronounced but not overpowering, just a trace of ginger bite.  I’m happy with the base wheat beer, a stupid-simple recipe of half and half pale ale and wheat malt with a touch of acidulated to bring the mash pH down to appropriate levels, a bit of calcium to offset the deficiency in my tap water.  Once I get the recipe where I want it, I’ll post the recipe here and at Brewer’s Friend.

I must get this dialed in by Summer – may shortcut and do small extract batches to get the spices down, then scale up because I already know my hop rate, hops and base beer are good for this style.

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