Experimental Results

Tonight I bottled the Classic American Pilsner made with Avangard Pilsner Malt, split into two batches, fermented with American Lager yeast and Urquell yeast.  The results are in front of me.  The American Lager version is a little darker in color, perhaps because it’s not quite as bright.  Hard to tell on the nose – the beers aren’t carbonated so much of the aroma isn’t rising up out of the beer  The American Lager version is extremely clean, hops come forward, bready flavors, very mild, a long, tart finish.  It will be a wonderful beer once conditioned.  The Urquell version has more malt character yet the hops still come through.  It’s my favorite of the two – I may have to enlist help to tell the difference.  Both are good beers!  Can’t wait until they’re carbonated!

I love doing brewing experiments like this one.  By varying one factor, I get two different beers, if slightly.  I can also be sure of my go-to Pilsner yeast once the test is over.  It allows me to learn as I brew and that is talking to my passion in life, learning.

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