Sensory Training

Last night I finished the Siebel Institute’s 12-flavor sensory training panel.  It was quite enlightening to actually taste those off-flavors people write about.  If you ever get a chance to complete the testing, do so.  It’s worth it.

For example, I now know exactly what lactic acid contamination tastes like – think soured milk.  Diacetyl is rancid butter.  I couldn’t smell or taste butyric contamination but, before I knew it was the flavor I was sampling, I began to feel ill, like I’d just thrown up.  And I also learned I’m one of the 50% of the population that can’t smell the Indole off-flavor, described by the other three guys at the table as horse crap.  My homebrew club was doing the tasting so, when I said, how will I ever know if this stuff is in my beer.  The guys said, don’t worry, if it were in there, we’d have told you.

It’s still a slow brewing time for me.  I’m teaching my six year old grandson to ski so that’s taking up my weekend time.  This coming weekend I’ll brew the Lubelski, a German/Polish smoked wheat ale.  Thanks to some references by Ron Pattinson, I know a couple of things:

– It wasn’t soured.  Given the times this beer was in existence, the Prussians knew how to brew beer.  It would likely have been clean.
– It was highly hopped for its gravity.  1.040 OG and 40 IBUs.  That’s a BU/GU ratio of 1, a hoppy beer.  The flavor hops are at 20 minutes so they won’t contribute a lot of aroma which is good – would interfere with the smoke flavor and taste vaguely poisonous.
– It’s 100% wheat (except for the bit of acidulated I put in for the mash pH).  Protein rest, anyone?

I’ve done this beer before and the Dry Dock has indicated they want to brew it.  I haven’t done this formulation.

It should be good.

3 thoughts on “Sensory Training

  1. How does the Lubelski compare to the Grod?

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