Saturday Brew Day – Grodziskie

Grodziskie is an extinct smoked wheat beer from eastern Germany (where it’s called Graezer) and western Poland.  I’ve been trying various things for some time in an effort to get one that I consider both drinkable and to style.  It’s a very light beer and rather highly hopped:  4.0 ABV and 40 IBUs (BU/GU ratio is 1).  I’ve experimented with varying the amount of smoked malt, souring but finally got the clue from Ron Pattinson’s book on obsolete beer styles.  This Grodziskie is brewed according to his guidlines.  Here’s the recipe:

If I haven’t plugged Brewer’s Friend, let me do so now.  It’s a great site for creating and sharing beer recipes, the community of users is very knowledgeable and very polite – no arguments over sprinklin’ vs dunkin’ over there!  It has a great suite of tools for brewers of any level of expertise.  And it’s under development all the time so any problems that come up generally get fixed.  I recommend it, in fact, I’m a lifetime member!

They didn’t pay me for that, really.

Some other brews in progress:  The Vienna Lager is done and very nice.  Likewise, the Baltic Porter is lagering and also very nice.  I’m planning my next brew but don’t know when I’ll get it done – soon I hope.  It’s a Maerzen and that means March.  Aprilzen just doesn’t have the same ring.

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