I’m Back

After a fairly long hiatus, I’m back.  I won’t go into why I was away so long, suffice it to say life started massively getting in the way about last September.  Things are better now here at Casa Nosy, there’s time to reflect and write so I will resume this chronology of my brewing and share my lessons learned.

A preview of what’s to come:

– Nearly a year’s worth of lessons-learned.  Hopefully I can save you a mistake or two.
– Nearly a year’s worth of brewing.  New styles, new recipes, new philosophies of brewing.
– A new philosophy of brewing.
– A program for learning to brew that could save a lot of missteps and marginal batches of beer.

The first lesson learned is not to let life get in the way.  Easier said than done when you’re trying to protect a daughter from an abusive ex-husband and you’re raising the grandkids.  Perhaps a better way of stating it is there are things that are more important than brewing including protecting daughter, raising grandkids, etc.  As that part fades with time, having a rewarding hobby like brewing is sanity maintenance, not to mention it results in beer a substance that can also serve as a coping mechanism.  Not that I didn’t brew!  I became reacquainted with extract brewing and learned some tricks that can make it a part of any brew regime.  Using some small batches, I dialed in some recipes I’ve wanted to brew for a long time.  I learned much about tasting beer, making it less harsh, water, hopping, all of which I intend to share.  I experienced the disappointment of the first competition I’ve entered without winning anything, unless you count an honorable mention.  And I watched my wife win a reserve grand championship with a wine we made here at home from a wine kit.

I’ll apologize once again for being remiss and hope to have you back as we resume our journy through the joys of zymurgy and through consuming the products of the art and science.


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