How to Tell Your Helles is Toast

I find myself in a bit of a jam.  I brewed a Helles for an Oktoberfest party coming up in less than a month.  Got it chilled, got it lagering, took it out of lager to warm up for bottling, everything fine, right?  Then it starts bubbling again.  Slowly, but bubbling, the gravity starts to drop from 1.012 to 1.007.  Now I’m getting the dreaded hint of cheddar cheese.  I’m not used to beers failing for sanitation but I guess it’s inevitable.  Brew long enough and some bug will get into the beer and set up shop.

I’ll let it go and see what happens but I don’t think I’ll be serving this in October.  I have a Schwarzbier that may be ready by then.  But to supply the party, I may be buying beer.  Haven’t done that in years.

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