Helles Update

I checked again tonight.  No more fermentation, gravity settled around 1.009, taste is dry and nice.  So much for my imagined diacetyl and a warning:  Last night I was sure the beer was history.  So I found something.  It has a bit of an estery character, not much at all and possibly the result of a few days fermenting at 76 degrees – my basement’s ambient temperature this time of year here.  But in my certainty that the beer was going bad, I found what I expected.  This is a lesson to me and to all brewers:  Appearance matters.  If your beer is clear and bright and nicely colored, a judge or consumer is going to expect it to taste good.  As will you.  So a key to brewing is to get the appearance right.

The beer is back in my lagering fridge for a quick crash of the yeast, then bottling in time for serving at the Oktoberfest party on October 3rd.

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