Tools You Need: A finishing Hydrometer

Ever take a hydrometer reading with your standard triple-scale and wonder if you were reading 1.012 or 1.014 or something in between?  After a bottle bomb and several over-carbonated beers, I got rather tired of guessing if the beer was finished or not, went out and spent 20 dollars on a tool to prevent the problem, a finishing hydrometer.


The scale runs from 1.020 to 0.980 in one degree increments.  That should cover nearly every beer and wine unless it’s either very thick or very highly attenuated.  The scale is extremely easy to read.  With it, you can tell very easily if the beer is finished or still fermenting.  The graduations are far enough apart you can even estimate a half-degree of specific gravity. Its only downsides as far as I can tell are a sample takes just as much as a regular hydrometer – about 4 ounces – and the instrument is very delicate.

Nosy’s evaluation of this piece of gear:  Worth the money.

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