Time to Resurrect This Site

I sit here drinking a Pre-Prohibition Porter of my own crafting, thinking of writing again about beer and brewing.  I’ve been remiss, busy with other things, mostly life getting in the way.  So what’s Nosy up to?

I’ve started a new hobby, cheese making.  Getting fair at it, too.  Maybe soon I’ll be producing cheese at least as good as I can get at King Soopers.  Hey, they have a pretty extensive cheese selection!  But I still have cheesemaking now, I’m mostly at the same point there I was a few months after starting brewing.  More to come as I learn and discover how to make great cheese.  But the new hobby still fits the title:  Cheesemaking is fermentation.

Baking – we don’t buy bread any more.  That hobby, I’ll start publishing more on it as I bake, again, fermentation!  Wine is going downstairs, three whites to create a blend, a red.  We’ve collected several awards for wine.  As things happen there, I’ll post on it as well.

And finally, beer.  I’ve embarked on a project I’m calling “das Helles-Projekt”.  It’s based around an idea I read where an author drank his way through a certain German city and learned to appreciate different base malts.  My notion is to brew small batches of Helles, all to the same specifications, the only difference being the base malt.  I intend to brew my way through every base malt the local homebrew shop has to offer to learn the differences between them.  Yes, I’ll brew Helles with Maris Otter, Six-Row, Vienna, you name it, if it will convert itself, I’ll brew with it.

And I’ll keep the blog up to date as the project progresses.

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