A Cheesy Disaster and Das Helles – Projekt

I wanted to make a Port-du-Salut today.  I ended up making a pot of slightly curdled milk.  

Due to problems finding un-homogenized milk, I tried something else.  Skim milk is not homogenized, it’s not necessary, and I can find non-homogenized cream.  So I combined the two, and the end result was that listed above.  I can get non-homogenized milk at Natural Grocers for about $8 per gallon, God only knows how old the stuff is, or I can get a cow share for about the same price per gallon.  Pricey for a hobby – I’ve had cheese come out less than great.  I consider that the price of learning and i’m getting better.  My soft and semi-soft cheeses are killer, even with using plain store-bought milk.  But I don’t want okay.  I made a brie using the pricey Natural Grocers milk and it came out wonderful.  So I thought I’d try the skim-cream combo.  To disastrous ends.

I’ll try again this weekend with normal milk.  It’s semi-soft so I should be okay.

Das Helles-Projekt is underway – I brewed the first of the tests today using a Bohemian Floor-Malted Pisner, I think from Weyermann.  The actual first wound up teaching me about my equipment, as did this one to some extent.  I still had a bit too much wort in the kettle – the boil-off rate for my heating plate in the basement is about 3/4 gallon over 2 hours.  So for future batches I’ll cut my water use a bit more but I can use this as the first test.

The Avangard version looks good, I started lagering it today.

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