Tasting Notes: Westvleteren Blonde Clone (Patjesbier)

Drinking this tonight, the first bottle of the Westvleteren Blonde Clone, a Patjesbier.  The recipe is from Zymurgy Magazine.


The beer, as you can see, has a persistent white head, is amber in color and bright.  It laces the glass quite nicely.  Aroma is fruit, I get peach, and mint.  There is no hop aroma, to be expected given a single hop addition at 60 minutes.  There’s malt in the nose as well, a Belgian biscuity note reminiscent of a good whole-grain bread.  Flavor is Belgian biscuit.  The fruit is apple (not acetaldehyde, a good apple).  There’s spice as well, a prickly, warm feeling on the tongue.  The bitterness expresses itself in the aftertaste.  There is no hop flavor.  Body is light but not watery, carbonation is good.

Overall, I won’t score myself but it’s a beer I’m proud of.  It’ll get into my rotation.  It requires good temperature control in fermentation but if you can control your temps pretty closely, I’d recommend brewing it.

My recipe is shared here:  http://www.brewersfriend.com/homebrew/recipe/view/298666/westvleteren-blond-clone