First Impressions: Inland Island 007 American Ale Blend Yeast

A company has started producing and distributing yeast in vials of 200 billion cells, the normal pitch rate for an ale.  I tried it for my last pale ale.

So far, so good.  It’s produced a nice pale ale.  Diacetyl was rather high at the end of primary fermentation but it has produced lots of gas in secondary.  We’ll see if the yeast has done its job and cleaned up after itself.  I’ve been running secondary at 72 degrees, a tip I picked up in my writing hiatus to activate the cells and get a drier beer.  The diacetyl comment was actually a bit premature –  used Colorado Malting Company’s Pale Ale and it always gives a very malty flavor so even a trace of diacetyl would make the green beer taste like butterscotch.

The beer is in secondary now.  It’s dropping nicely bright.  More to come as the beer is finished.